Program Educational Objectives

The principal engineering values are officially expressed as Program Educational Objectives (PEOs). These principal values are formulated in accordance with the visions and missions of the university, the faculty of engineering and the electrical engineering study program. The formulation of these principal values generally takes the advice of the user, advisory board, alumni, and professional associations into account. The PEOs are composed of the following important keywords:

  1. Competence
  2. Leadership and work ethic
  3. Profesionalism
  4. Communication and longlife learning

The PEOs, which are formulated according to all visions and missions from the university level to the study program level, must become the life manisfestation of all graduates and alumni. Based on the aforementioned four important keywords, we formulate our PEO as follows.

We expect our graduates to:

  1. [Career] Be successful in technical career or professional career characterized by integrity in the aspect of electrical engineering competency, professionalism, effective communication and universal value of humanity.
  2. [Character] Have a good spirit of leadership, high standard ethics and lifelong-learning to maintain excellence in innovation.

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