Field Study and Community Services

Field Study and Community Service (Kuliah Kerja Nyata/KKN) is a learning activity designed for students to apply their knowledge and technology in the mid of society for the welfare for society it self.

  1. KKN is the characteristics of the university in the form of students community service and the appreciation of interdisciplinary activities as a reflection of MKU, MKDK, and MKK.
  2. Students who have fulfilled the requirements determined by the university may take KKN program by registering at the UGM Community Service Agency (LPPM UGM).
  3. KKN will be held every semester. Students are required to take part in all KKN activities, either in form of debriefing, Pre-KKN, briefings and KKN operations.

The following is a more complete explanation about Field Study and Community Services

  1. Academic Requirements for KKN-PPM Participants

  2. Administrative Requirements for KKN-PPM Participants

  3. Extended Syllabus Course KKN

Academic Requirements for KKN-PPM Participants

  1. Registered as an active student
  2. Mandatory Activities for Students of Universitas Gadjah Mada weighed of 3 credit hours taken by students who gone through 100 credit hours minimum of courses and Lab Work and conducted in a minimum of 2 months or equivalent to 360 effective working hours for each student without any E value (In accordance with the Chancellor's Decree Universitas Gadjah Mada Number 245 / P / SK / HT / 2008 concerning Amendment to the Chancellor's Decree of Gadjah Mada University No 283 / P / SK / HT / 2006 concerning Field Study and Community Service-Community Empowerment Learning at Universitas Gadjah Mada)
  3. Registered as KKN-PPM participant in concerned faculty, proven with KRS for the semester in which KKN-PPM is conducted
  4. Students are not taking any courses or Lab Works
  5. For the even semester KKN-PPM participants must include KKN-PPM subject in each KRS of the concerned semester
  6. For the inter-semester KKN-PPM participants must include KKN-PPM subject in each KRS, with accordance to each faculty policies.
  7. Submission of KKN-PPM participants list from the faculty to LPPM based on proposed students KRS schedule

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Administrative Requirements for KKN-PPM Participants

  1. Verified as KKN-PPM participant by the faculty admin.
  2. KKN-PPM participants are required to take part in debriefing according to the specified schedule.
  3. Students must pay KKN-PPM fees in the amount of Rp. 1,050,000 through BNI and complete a health checkup at GMC Health Center according to a predetermined schedule.
  4. Verification of academic and administrative requirements for KKN-PPM participants is carried out by the faculty by providing a username and password as a sign of eligibility as a KKN-PPM participants. For the participants who meet the requirements (pass the debriefing, pay KKN-PPM fees, be healthy, qualified amount of credit hours and not be pregnant for female students) will receive a password - username and then must log in and input data independently.
  5. KKN-PPM official participants are those who have successfully entered the data (log in) through the website

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Extended Syllabus Course KKN

Extended Syllabus mata kuliah KKN

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