Internship is an activity in the form of observations of work practices in industry, institutions or laboratories that apply the theory that has been obtained. Internship Seminar is a learning activity in the form of a Intern Report in front of a seminar forum attended by Internship Supervisors and students who are entitled to attend. Before starting internship, the following are the requirements that must be considered practical work:

  1. Students begin to be oriented to propose a Internship proposal after collecting 80 credits (the application cannot be double and not in conjunction with the UTS / UAS implementation time).
  2. Internship may be carried out if it has collected 90 credits.
  3. Internship is carried out in no less than 1 month or 128 hours of effective work.
  4. Students who have collected 80 credits or more, may and are required to attend Internship seminars for at least 6 times before registering / holding Internship seminars and 10 times before applying for a thesis examination.
  5. Students are required to hold a Internship seminar for a maximum of 3 months after completion of the Internship (the Internship report book has been bound signed by the supervisor). If it exceeds the prescribed time limit (3 months), then the Internship value is set to C. The holding of Internship seminars is the responsibility of students who have submitted it.
  6. Internship seminars are considered valid if attended by Internship supervisors and at least 15 students who are entitled to attend.
  7. Internship supervisors are in charge of leading seminars, giving assessments and signing minutes and attendance lists for seminars.

The following is an explanation of the SOP and the form of internship needs. Forms must be printed on A4 paper (kwarto), printed documents other than A4 paper will not be processed.

Download File Kebutuhan Internships

The following is a more complete explanation about Internships

  1. DTETI Internship Submission Procedures

  2. DTETI Procedure for Internships Orders

  3. DTETI Procedure for Submitting Internships Seminars

  4. Procedure for Submitting an Application Not following the Lecture Because Internships

DTETI Internship Submission Procedures

  1. Internship submission form (F.1 - KP.1 Permohonan Kerja Praktik) is typed and then printed.
  2. In the bottom sheet is written the destination address of the letter, for example:
    Kepada Yth. HRD PT. Indonesia Power Unit Bisnis Pembangkitan Suralaya
    Jl. Komplek PLTU Suralaya, Merak, Banten 4246, Indonesia
  3. Submit the F.1 -KP.1 form to DTETI Front Office for processing.
  4. Internship submission form is then sent to the company intended by the student.
  5. If the Internship application is accepted, then the student is obliged to make a Internship warrant before carrying out the Internship program on the specified date.
  6. Students who have applied for an internship but refused, are required to re-submit the internship by filling out the internship submission form and attaching proof of rejection from the company

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DTETI Procedure for Internships Orders

  1. Download, fill in, and send a soft copy of the internships order form via the Log Book Online Front Office ( by writing down the requirements: Permohonan Perintah KP
  2. The internships order is processed (by the Academic Section) then taken in the Front Office.

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DTETI Procedure for Submitting Internships Seminars

  1. Has filled out the KRS Practical Work in the Semester of the Internships Seminar
  2. Fill out the internships seminar submission form (F.1 - SKP.1 Permohonan Seminar Kerja Praktik), then printed.
  3. ACC is requested by internships supervisor.
  4. Submitted to DTETI 1st Floor Office Front (maximum H-1) enclosed with a copy of the proof of internships completed and a copy of proof of attending an internships seminar at least 6 times.
  5. Fill out the seminar room loan application form (one group is enough 1 application) printed and then signed for one of the internships supervisors.
  6. The seminar room loan application form is submitted to General Division DTETI 2nd floor.
  7. Minutes and attendance lists for internships seminars were taken at DTETI Front Office on the day of the internships seminar (cannot be taken beforehand). Fill in the completeness of the data and request the officers (there are no initials, the official news sheet and attendance list cannot be used).

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Procedure for Submitting an Application Not following the Lecture Because Internships

  1. Fill in the available forms (F.1 - IKP.1) and print.
  2. Ask for ACC Head of Study Program by the student concerned. If not available, please attach a power of attorney with a stamp of Rp. 6,000.00 for students who are authorized.
  3. Application forms are reproduced as needed.
  4. Fill in (handwritten) the day, hour and space at the bottom of the request letter.
  5. Submit the application letter to:
    • Akademik DTETI Building for lectures held in DTETI
    • Akademik PAU Building for lectures held in PAU

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