The minimum number of credits that must be collected by students to complete their bachelor (S-1) degree in DTETI is 144 SKS.

Students who have completed at least 144 minimum credits are stated to completed the study at DTETI Engineer UGM if they fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Minimum GPA of 2.00
  2. There is no E value
  3. The number of credits with D value not more than 25% of the total number of credits
  4. Credit that are acquired have fulfilled the applicable curriculum structure
  5. Have completed the thesis and awareness
  6. Has passed a comprehensive examination (a comprehensive examination is carried out every month)

The following is a more complete explanation about Graduation

  1. Comprehensive Examination

  2. Yudisium

Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive examination is a test for prospective DTETI graduates to ensure that prospective graduates have minimum competencies determined by the study program. The requirements for taking the Comprehensive Examination are:

  1. Register comprehensive examination at DTETI Academic.
  2. Active in the related semester.
  3. Perform official thesis registration at DTETI Academic Division.

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To be able to pass, students must complete the judicium process as follows:

  1. Request a form of judicium requirements to the student service unit
  2. Request a free signature of a laboratory loan
  3. Collect reports of thesis & internships reports that have been bound, papers and CDs containing the script to the reference room
  4. Pay graduation fees according to the number and account number mentioned in the judicium requirements form and save the proof of payment
  5. Collecting a form of judicium requirements to the student service unit
  6. Pass certificate can be taken at the front office

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