Information Engineering Undergraduate

Historically, the Information Engineering Study Program was born from a part of Electrical Engineering Study Program. As a result, the program is closer to engineering than computing to align faculty mission, unique structure, and historical value. Some aspects of electrical engineering flow in some courses that encourage the role of information technology to transform and adapt with the diversity in electrical engineering applications such as telecommunications, software, and computer engineering.

The Information Engineering program yield graduates who serve comprehensive innovation in the field of Information Technology and can conduct useful research for the benefit of the nation and humanity. The structure of Information Engineering curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive range of skills for students so that they have basic competencies for all areas of information engineering. Aside from having broad knowledge, students are given the opportunity to specialize in one area of their choice between the three offered options.

The Curriculum of Information Engineering Program offers three concentrations: Computer Systems Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, and Software Engineering. These concentrations are sharpening and deepening of the material from the broad knowledge that students have acquired through required major courses.

Competency of Graduates

Competence of graduates outcome by Information Engineering undergraduate program.
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Updated curriculum of Information Engineering Undergraduate Program.
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