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Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering, Engineering Faculty of Universitas Gadjah Mada follows the student admission regulation from Universitas Gadjah Mada to recruit prospective new students. UGM carries out student admission through several paths as follows.

National Selection of Public University Admission

SNMPTN is a national selection based on academic achievements proven with report card of Semester 1 to Semester 5 for High School (SMA/MA) and 3 years study Vocational High School (SMK), or Semester 1 to Semester 7 for 4 years study Vocational High School (SMK), and Academic Portfolio.

Collective Selection of Public University Admission

SBMPTN is a collective selection held by all Public University under the coordination of the Central Committee based on written examination result in Paper Based Test (PBT) or Computer Based Test (CBT).

Achievement Selection Path

Achievement Selection Path is Universitas Gadjah Mada registration selection based on academic achievement proven with report card score and non-academic achievement in High/Vocational High School (SMA/SMK/MA/MAK) which is relevant to the selected study program. Each student candidates may select 2 of available Undergraduate Study Programs. This following Achievement Selection Paths are held by UGM:

  • Low-Income High-Performing Students Search (Penelusuran Bibit Unggul Tidak Mampu (PBUTM))
  • High-Achieving Students Search (Penelusuran Bibit Unggul Berprestasi (PBUB))
  • Sports and Art Achievements Search (Penelusuran Bakat Olahraga dan Seni (PBOS))
  • Partnership High-Performing Students Search (Penelusuran Bibit Unggul Kemitraan (PBUK))

UGM Written Test Selection

UGM Written Test Selection is a selection based on written test that held by Universitas Gadjah Mada. This admission path give an opportunity for High/Vocational High School graduates to enter the selection process. Student candidates may select up to 3 available Undergraduate/Diploma Study Programs.

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Last updated : 16 August 2016

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