Thesis & Oral Examination

The execution of Thesis consists of 2 stages: Thesis Proposal (2 credits) and Thesis & Oral Examination (4 credits). The following is the explanation of thesis execution process:

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The following is a more complete explanation about Thesis & Oral Examination

  1. Acquiring Thesis Title

  2. Technical Execution of Thesis Proposal Course

  3. Writing Thesis

  4. Oral Examination

Acquiring Thesis Title

  1. Students who have fulfilled academic and administrative requirements after consulting with  Academic Supervisors can request or submit a thesis title to a lecturer in the appropriate field. The lecturer who gave the title became Advisor I and asked to suggest the Advisor II
  2. Students submit the thesis title to the Department by filling out the form provided for the proposal of the thesis title

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Technical Execution of Thesis Proposal Course

As we know, one of the points of quality improvement in the thesis implementation process is the Thesis Proposal course. The Thesis Proposal course focuses on improving the results of the proposal review to finalize the thesis and create an intense interaction with the advisors.

Technically the execution of Thesis Proposal course as following:

  1. Students take Thesis Proposal course
  2. Students submit the Thesis Proposal
  3. Lecturers and reviewers review the submitted Thesis Proposal
  4. Students receive a review result of the Thesis Proposal including the status of being accepted or rejected
  5. Students whose the Thesis Proposal is not accepted will re-submit a Thesis Proposal. The submission will be carried out at the beginning of the semester and at mid semester (UTS Period)
  6. Students whose the Thesis Proposal is accepted will conduct Thesis Proposal consultation from the advisors in 4 meetings
  7. Scores will be submitted by each advisor in 100 scale number which will be converted through the same rules as the Thesis

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Writing Thesis

  1. Students collect field data / experimental data / literature data in accordance with the thesis proposal
  2. Students process and analyze data and if necessary complete the required data
  3. Students compile the results of the analysis and processing of data as a thesis that can take the form of a design result, a research report, a field work report, a book of results of studies, hardware products, software applications or other forms that are decent
  4. Before being submitted to the examination, the thesis must be approved by all thesis advisors.
  5. Thesis must be completed no later than 6 months after the thesis title is approved. If it has not been completed within more than 6 months, students are required to apply for an extension of their thesis period of 6 months

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Oral Examination

  1. Thesis / oral examination is held every month to assess student performance in conducting a research and expressing the results of their research in a concise and clear manner.
  2. Students must do a thesis consultation at least 10 times from each advisor before applying for oral examination.
  3. Students who have fulfilled the requirements of oral examination can register in advance by filling out the form that has been provided and initialed by the thesis advisor. Every period of document verification registration is served at maximum 2:00 p.m.
  4. The thesis that has been approved by the supervising lecturer is multiplied by 4 copies and submitted to the department at the latest one week before the examination is carried out.
  5. Students must prepare a presentation script in the form of a power point file with a presentation duration of 10-15 minutes.
  6. Oral examination is carried out in approximately two hours, carried out orally, and preceded by a thesis presentation by the students being tested.
  7. Thesis assessment is done by thesis advisors. While the oral examination assessment is carried out by the thesis examiners. The factors that are considered in the assessment are the weight of the problem, the clarity in formulating the problem, solving the problem, and the ability to draw conclusions, the ability to organize various knowledge acquired and the ability to communicate the results of thought.
  8. If the examiner team considers it necessary to improve the proposed thesis, then the repair must be carried out within the time frame agreed in the thesis examination. If necessary, a repeat of the oral examination can be done.

The requirement for students to be able to apply for oral examination is that they have taken at least 138 credits. The following is a document that needs to be prepared to apply for an oral examination.

  1. Application for Oral Examination that has been approved by Advisor I and II. Attached with graduate documentation and a statement letter
  2. Photocopy of Study Plan Card signed by Academic Adviser Lecturer in the relevant semester
  3. Photocopy of Student Card
  4. Thesis (4 copies not yet bound) which have been approved by Advisor I and II
  5. Papers (4 copies not yet bound) that have been approved by Advisor I and II
  6. Final score transcript in accordance with the applicable curriculum (scratch the courses that are not used)
  7. Photocopy of high school diploma
  8. Photocopy of proof of participating in the Internship Seminar at least 10 times
  9. Application letters, statements, and thesis guidance cards that have been registered in the department at least two months before the deadline for oral examination registration and have done thesis consultation at least ten times for each advisor.
  10. A copy of the certificate passed the TOEFL with a minimum value of 400 (legalized). The recognized TOEFL is:
    - TOEFL Like held by PPs or PEB UGM, or;
    - Academic English Proficiency Test (AcEPT) from UGM, or;
    - International English Testing System (IELTS) from institutions recognized by IDP, or;
    - Internet-Based (iBT) TOEFL from institutions recognized by IIEF, or;
    - Institutional Testing Program (ITP) TOEFL from institutions recognized by IIEF.
  11. Photograph: 3 x 4 cm = 2 sheets (neat, black and white, for SKL) and 6 x 9 cm = 1 sheet (neat, black and white / colored). Write name and students ID number on the back of the photo and put in an envelope.
  12. Thesis Poster (see the format in "Thesis & Oral Examination Required Files" above)
  13. Sertifikat Pendamping Ijazah along with attachment of proof for each activity
  14. Stopmap Folio

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